About Me

Andrew Dauncey is a Senior Consultant at VMware, living in Melbourne, Australia.

Nerd. Tinkerer. Creator of Twitter bot @VMEndOfSupport. Community supporter and previously Melbourne VMUG leader.

I used to keep my posts private. But after having to look up my own post more than once for specific information, I figured others might find it useful too.

These are my own notes to help my future self. If others find value in them, that's a bonus.

The opinions expressed here are my own.

"The dumbest kid in the top maths class" is sometimes how I feel amongst so many of the smart and motivated people I see within VMware. The talent here is incredible. It reminded me of high school, with me seemingly having to work harder than others to stay at that level.

About The Odd Angry Shot

Some of my initial draft blog posts were rants about things not working and how to fix them. I imagined future posts would be an outlet for my frustrations and contain the odd angry shot at vendors or products for their bugs or lack of documentation.

"The Odd Angry Shot" is the title of an Australian movie from 1979 about SAS soldiers in the Vietnam war. It's a quirky action, comedy, war movie.

The Odd Angry Shot Movie