2015 Australian / New Zealand vExperts

VMware announced the list of 2015 vExperts during the week. Congratulations to all that made it. The list now contains over 1,000 vExperts. For something perhaps a bit more relevant in the A/NZ region, I’ve broken it down for us. The numbers haven’t changed that much due to the 3 selection rounds of vExperts in 2014. For the A/NZ region, the numbers increased by 3, with 4 people not renewed as vExperts (most likely because they didn’t submit an entry).

More Aussie vExperts / VCDX’s

Back in April, I did a post when VMware announced 754 vExperts for 2014. This week, 123 were named vExperts from the Q2 nominations. That adds another 2 Aussie vExperts to the list; Tim Williams (@ymmit85) and Matthew Healy (@matt232h). By my count, we now have 24 vExperts in Australia. Melbourne: 17 Brisbane: 4 Perth: 2 Sydney:1 (Nick Marshall moved to USA VMware HQ) 2014 APAC vExperts Name Last Twitter Region Alastair Cooke @DemitasseNZ New Zealand Andre Carpenter @andrecarpenter Melbourne Andrew Brydon @sidbrydon Melbourne Andrew Dauncey @daunce_ Melbourne Andrew Brydon @sidbrydon Melbourne Anthony Burke @pandom_ Melbourne Anthony Spiteri @anthonyspiteri Perth Arron Stebbing @ArronStebbing Melbourne Benjamin Troch @virtualb_me Singapore Chris Jones @cpjones44 Melbourne Craig Waters @cswaters1 Melbourne Dan Frith @penguinpunk Brisbane David Manconi @dmanconi New Zealand David Barclay @davidbarclay99 Brisbane Faisal Rahman @frtamal Frank Fan @frankfan7 Melbourne Grant Orchard @grantorchard Melbourne Greg Mulholland @g_mulholland Melbourne Iwan Rahabok @e1_ang Singapore Josh Odgers @josh_odgers Melbourne Justin Warren @jpwarren Melbourne Keiran Shelden @Keiran_Shelden Brisbane Mandeepak Sidhu @MannySidhu2 Melbourne Michael Webster @vcdxnz001 New Zealand Nathan Wheat @wheatcloud Melbourne Rob Waite @rob_waite_oz Melbourne Ryan McBride @RyanMcBride81 Sydney Shane White @ausvmguy Melbourne Tas Tareq Brisbane Tim Williams @ymmit85 Perth vExpert 2014 Q3 nominations are open until September 2014.

Melbourne VMUG May 2014 Wrap up

Last week we had the quarterly VMUG meeting at the Telstra Conference Centre. We paid homage to the creator of the VMware community, John Troyer, as he’s moved on from VMware after 9 years. John was responsible for the vExpert program, in which 16 were from Melbourne this year. If you want to participate in the VMUG community and perhaps become a vExpert, contact us about doing a community presentation.

Congrats Aussie vExperts

Congratulations to all the vExperts from Australia, New Zealand & Singapore. It’s an honour to be included with such great local talent. Back in 2010, Greg Mulholland was the only vExpert that I actually knew in Australia. Now we have 23 in Australia, and 5 in New Zealand & Singapore. It’s great to see Melbourne VMUG members dominate the list of vExperts in our region. This is probably why the Melbourne VMUG has such a great turnout and so many community sessions.

vBeers – Thursday 3rd April

Virtualisation is thirsty work Because there’s never enough time at the Melbourne VMUG to catchup with members, we’re having an in-between VMUG vBeers at Trunktown. If you can’t wait for the next VMUG, this should keep you going for another 6 weeks until the next Melbourne VMUG, on 15th May, 2014. There’s no official agenda, meeting topic, speakers or sponsors. It’s a social occasion of virtualisation folks having a few drinks.

2014 Melbourne VMUG User Conference Wrap up

Record attendance Wow, we had 374 attendees at the Melbourne VMUG User Conference. The awesome turnout to this and other Melbourne VMUG events show’s we’re the premiere VMUG is the region. The steering committee of Craig Waters, Damien Calvert, Tony McPhail, Nathan Wheat and myself put in a huge effort to pull this one off. Keynotes International vRockstars Brad Hedlund (@bradhedlund), Chris Wahl (@ChrisWahl) and Scott Lowe (@scott_lowe) rocked it with the main keynotes.

2014 Melbourne VMUG User Conference

It’s on again! This years Melbourne VMUG User Conference is coming up next month on Tuesday 4th February at Hilton on the Park. This will be the third User Conference Melbourne has done. We’re expecting more than 350 attendees this year. International special guests Scott Lowe, Brad Hedlund and Chris Wahl will each be doing a keynote session. There’ll be 24 sponsors in the solutions exchange to show you their products and answer questions on how they work.

vForum Sydney Wrap Up

2013 September Melbourne VMUG

The September Melbourne VMUG was on this week, and it was a ripper. The agenda was set for: EMC Presentation: Continuous Availability with VPLEX – Berin Smithson VMware Presentation: What’s New in vSphere 5.5 – Greg Mulholland Building a Service Provider Cloud Offering – Arron Stebbing Coming off VMworld only 3 weeks before, we knew there was a lot of great info to pass on to the crowd, and there was a higher than average number of registrations.

2013 July Melbourne VMUG

The next Melbourne VMUG is on Wednesday 24th July. Veeam will be there doing live demos and talking about the upcoming release of v7 of Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam has to be the most popular (and coolest) backup application. VMware will be presenting vCAC – vCloud Automation Center. Going by the amount of submissions for VMworld on vCAC, this is going to be the next hottest thing VMware will be pushing.