Maximum Failed Attempts to Create Service Engine Reached

When creating a new virtual service (VS) using NSX ALB (Avi) 22.1.1 & 22.1.1-2p1 in vCenter write access mode, it's supposed to create new Service Engines (SE's) if needed, but in the case today, it just sat there.

Hovering over the red VS status showed "Maximum failed attempts to create Service Engine reached. Target Host not found to create serviceengine Avi-se-hbgqp"

Looking at the events, it showed this:

Maximum failed attempts to create Service Engine reached

Fast forward to this line in the release notes:

Issues Resolved in 22.1.1-2p1

You'll see AV-151491 was fixed in 22.1.1-2p1, and fixed again (properly?) in 22.1.2 ;-)

You can work around it by editing the SE Group, and changing the datastore for SE VM to Any.

Data Store Scope for SE VM

In testing, I was able to change it back to Shared, and it still worked ok.