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NSX-T Troubleshooting Tunnel Status

Switching between a mix of different product versions, I forget some of the specifics, and I’ve wasted too much time troubleshooting something that was working OK. Hopefully this saves you some time.

Photon OS in the Lab

Here’s a few tips from what I do when deploying Photon OS in the lab. Keep in mind this is only for troubleshooting and testing, so don’t make the same changes to anything outside of your lab.

NSX-T: Deploy NSX-T Manager 2.5 with OVFtool

If you have the NSX-T Manager OVA on a fileshare or web server you can deploy it from the vCenter GUI, or use any other deployment tool like OVFtool.

Using OVFtool to deploy NSX-T Manager is a great way to deploy a quick and repeatable configuration. It also helps to document the configuration options.

NSX-T Troubleshooting: Compute Manager Already Registered with Another NSX Manager

After adding a compute manager, the Registration Status shows as Not Registered, and Connection Status is Down.

This is usually caused by a previously registered NSX-T Manager to vCenter, that has been deleted. If you remove the Compute Manager via the Delete option in NSX-T Manager, it also removes the registration from vCenter.

Deploying VMware Appliance for Folding@Home With OVFtool

Recently VMware released a Fling of the VMware Appliance for Folding@Home.

It’s great to see the VMware community coming together so quickly to help out.

As part of my love/hate relationship with OVFtool, here’s a few ways you can deploy the VMware Appliance for Folding@Home using OVFtool.


If you try and deploy vRA8 into VMware Cloud on AWS, you’ll get this error:

User has no administrative privileges

vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) Tips

More customers are embracing the suite of applications provided by VMware in managing their environment. I’m seeing customers with vRealize Network Insight (vRNI), but a lot still don’t appreciate all the things it can do.

NSX-v 6.4 End of Support Extended

For those with NSX-v 6.4, they’d know the end of general support date was 16/01/2021, (just over a year from now). If you check the product lifecycle it now shows the end of general support is 16/01/2022.

Product Lifecycle Matrix

Migrate2VCSA Error

When using the Migration Assistant to Migrate from a Windows 5.5 vCenter to 6.5 VCSA, the migration assistant was failing to run on the Windows vCenter server.

It automatically saves the logs on the desktop. When viewing the logs, this part stood out:

2019-07-22T00:31:58.193Z ERROR upgrade.states.component_states vcIntegrity:CollectRequirements: Remote script failed with an error [InternalError()]
2019-07-22T00:31:58.193Z ERROR upgrade.states.component_states vcIntegrity:CollectRequirements: failed with internal error. For details take a look at CollectRequirements_com.vmware.vcIntegrity_2019_07_22_10_31.log.
2019-07-22T00:31:58.209Z WARNING wf.wf_processor State CollectRequirements com.vmware.vcIntegrity has failed.