NSX-T Troubleshooting Tunnel Status

Switching between a mix of different product versions, I forget some of the specifics, and I’ve wasted too much time troubleshooting something that was working OK. Hopefully this saves you some time.

NSX-T: Configure NSX-T Manager 2.5

If you followed the previous blog NSX-T: Deploy NSX-T Manager 2.5 with OVFtool you should have NSX-T Managers deployed. There’s a few more things we have to configure within NSX-T Manager like: Add a compute Manager (when using vCenter) Create IP Pools Create Transport Zones Create Profiles - Uplink & Transport Nodes Configure Host Transport Nodes for NSX Deploy Edge Transport Node Create Edge Cluster Create Segments Create T0 gateway Create T1 gateway Static routes

NSX-T: Deploy NSX-T Manager 2.5 with OVFtool

If you have the NSX-T Manager OVA on a fileshare or web server you can deploy it from the vCenter GUI, or use any other deployment tool like OVFtool. Using OVFtool to deploy NSX-T Manager is a great way to deploy a quick and repeatable configuration. It also helps to document the configuration options.

NSX-T Troubleshooting: Compute Manager Already Registered with Another NSX Manager

After adding a compute manager, the Registration Status shows as Not Registered, and Connection Status is Down. This is usually caused by a previously registered NSX-T Manager to vCenter, that has been deleted. If you remove the Compute Manager via the Delete option in NSX-T Manager, it also removes the registration from vCenter.