VCF 4 - Failed to Validate the BGP Route Distribution

During a VCF 4 Bring-up of a single Management Domain, the validation tests passed all OK. But during the deployment, it failed during the NSX-T tasks, specifically on the “Verify BGP Route Distribution” - “Failed to validate the BGP Route Distribution result for edge with ID ”.

VCF4 error

My understanding of this error is because an Edge Node is not receiving routes from the ToR it’s trying to peer to.

Looking into it, I saw Edge Node 2, had learnt routes for external networks, but only via Inter-SR from Edge Node 1. You can tell this by using:

en02> vrf 1
en02(tier0_sr)> get route

Flags: t0c - Tier0-Connected, t0s - Tier0-Static, b - BGP,
t0n - Tier0-NAT, t1s - Tier1-Static, t1c - Tier1-Connected,
t1n: Tier1-NAT, t1l: Tier1-LB VIP, t1ls: Tier1-LB SNAT,
t1d: Tier1-DNS FORWARDER, t1ipsec: Tier1-IPSec, isr: Inter-SR,
> - selected route, * - FIB route

Total number of routes: 118

isr> * [200/700] via, inter-sr-285, 11:31:55
isr> * [200/700] via, inter-sr-285, 11:31:55
isr> * [200/700] via, inter-sr-285, 11:31:55
isr> * [200/700] via, inter-sr-285, 11:31:55

And when checking the peering status with it’s neighbors:

en02(tier0_sr)> get bgp neighbor
BGP neighbor is, remote AS 65100, local AS 65000, external link
  BGP version 4, remote router ID, local router ID
  BGP state = Connect

You can see it’s BGP state = Connect. This means it’s waiting for a successful TCP negotiation with it’s peer.

There was a misconfiguration with one of the ToR BGP settings. Once that was rectified and the BGP state was Established, we could continue on with the deployment.

Andrew Dauncey
Andrew Dauncey
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