NSX API - Failed to Import

When using Postman, or other API clients (Thunder Client), you can download all the API commands and help associated to them. Although the NSX collections are still using OpenAPI Spec v2, while Thunder Client only supports OpenAPI Spec v3+.

NSX API documentation is location on the developer.vmware.com site, specifically here: https://developer.vmware.com/apis/1248/#doc.

When trying to import the NSX OpenAPI JSON in Thunder Client it fails with the error: Failed to Import

Failed to import

To convert the NSX OpenAPI Spec collections to v3, peform the following:

Go to the NSX API documentation page, and choose the version of NSX. Right click NSX-T Policy OpenAPI Spec - JSON, and copy link address.

Add the URL to the swagger converter: https://converter.swagger.io/api/convert?url=OAS2_YAML_OR_JSON_URL

So the end result would look like:


Within Postman or Thunder Client, choose import collection from URL, and paste in the full address above, and it should import successfully.