2015 Australian / New Zealand vExperts

VMware announced the list of 2015 vExperts during the week. Congratulations to all that made it. The list now contains over 1,000 vExperts.

For something perhaps a bit more relevant in the A/NZ region, I’ve broken it down for us.
The numbers haven’t changed that much due to the 3 selection rounds of vExperts in 2014.

For the A/NZ region, the numbers increased by 3, with 4 people not renewed as vExperts (most likely because they didn’t submit an entry). Melbourne still holds as a clear winner with the most active VMware community, but I’m sure the other regions will gain momentum this year.

New Zealand has the most potential, with lots of talented guys there, so hopefully with the launch of the Auckland VMUG, they’ll see an increase in activity.

And Perth.. We’ll give them the encouragement award 2014. C’mon guys, you can do it. 

Melbourne: 17
Sydney: 6
New Zealand: 5
Brisbane: 4
Perth: 3
Name Last Twitter Region
Alastair Cooke @DemitasseNZ New Zealand
Andre Carpenter @andrecarpenter Melbourne
Andrew Dauncey @daunce_ Melbourne Total 35
Andrew Brydon @sidbrydon Melbourne
Andrew Firth Sydney Melbourne 17
Anthony Spiteri @anthonyspiteri Perth Sydney 6
Brett Sinclair @Pragmatic_IO Melbourne Brisbane 4
Craig Waters @cswaters1 Melbourne Perth 3
Dan Frith @penguinpunk Brisbane
David Manconi @dmanconi New Zealand Australia 30
David Barclay @davidbarclay99 Brisbane New Zealand 5
David Lloyd @davlloyd Sydney
Frank Fan @frankfan7 Melbourne
Grant Orchard @grantorchard Melbourne
Greg Mulholland @g_mulholland Melbourne
Harsha Hosur @harsha_hour Melbourne
Jeff O'Connor @JeffOConnorAU Sydney
Josh Odgers @josh_odgers Melbourne
Justin Warren @jpwarren Melbourne
Keiran Shelden @Keiran_Shelden Brisbane
Luis Concistre @luisconcistre Sydney
Luke Brown @luke_br Perth
Manny Sidhu @MannySidhu2 Melbourne
Matthew Healy @matt232h Melbourne
Michael Webster @vcdxnz001 New Zealand
Nathan Wheat @wheatcloud Melbourne
Rob Waite @rob_waite_oz Melbourne
Ryan McBride @RyanMcBride81 Sydney
Sanit Kumar @sanitkumar New Zealand
Shane White @ausvmguy Melbourne
If there’s anyone I’ve missed, let me know.

If you’re interested in seeing what some of the people in the list above do, check out aussievmafia.com for links to each of their blogs.