vBeers – Thursday 3rd April

Virtualisation is thirsty work

Because there’s never enough time at the Melbourne VMUG to catchup with members, we’re having an in-between VMUG vBeers at Trunktown. If you can’t wait for the next VMUG, this should keep you going for another 6 weeks until the next Melbourne VMUG, on 15th May, 2014.

There’s no official agenda, meeting topic, speakers or sponsors. It’s a social occasion of virtualisation folks having a few drinks. With no sponsor, you’ll be paying you’re own way. It’s perfectly fine to drink water, or you can show off how much of a high flyer you are with buying fancy drinks with umbrellas. It’s up to you.

Once Again…

vBeers – 6pm Thursday – 3rd April, 2014
Trunktown – 275 Exhibition St, Melbourne 

Hope to see you there!