Top vBlogs 2014 A/NZ

You’re all winners Eric Siebert announced the results of the top virtualisation blogs the other day and it was great to see the local Australia/New Zealand guys score well.

These bloggers really are “community guys”. They’re all active on twitter, and have participated in a VMUG at some level.

Here are the Australia/New Zealand voting results…

Blog Rank Previous Change Total Votes Total Points #1 Votes
Long White Virtual Clouds (M. Webster) 13 21 +8 178 1040 11
CloudXC (Josh Odgers) 21 NEW NEW 75 494 7
Demitasse (Alastair Cooke) 93 128 +35 33 165 1
Proudest Monkey (Grant Orchard) 95 NEW NEW 31 164 1 136 203 +67 29 129 0 (Dan Frith) 184 109 -75 21 95 2
The Odd Angry Shot (Andrew Dauncey) 209 NEW NEW 18 85 0
Hosting is Life! (Anthony Spiteri) 233 NEW NEW 13 74 3
Musings of Rodos (Rodney Haywood) 245 93 -152 20 71 0

Eric Siebert has a tough job policing any fake votes, but as you can see, 18 pranksters made it through and voted for this blog. Ha!

You can see the full list at

And the rest There’s plenty of good blogs that weren’t listed in the voting.

Some of the blogs that SHOULD have been there:

  • Nathan Wheat -
  • Anthony Burke -
  • Andrew Mitchell / Chris Slater -
  • Nick Marshall -
  • Arron Stebbing -
  • Chris Jones -

Basically, anyone in the side bar to the right!

I hope the bloggers that didn’t make it onto the voting ballot pass their details to Eric for inclusion next year. I’m sure they will do very well.

If there’s anyone I’ve left out, let me know.

Even You can do it Although it’s great to acknowledge the bloggers that do it well, no one does it to make the list. So if you’ve been thinking about it, just do it. The problem you blog about may be the solution for someone else.

I started the blog with unpublished drafts on problems I had, and how I solved them. It wasn’t until I ran into a problem for the second time, and I had to read my own post on it, I thought, perhaps someone else might find this useful. Most of the hits here are for posts containing errors from ESXi/vCenter logs, so I hope my solutions work for others too.

Now go and blog what problems & solutions you had this week!

Andrew Dauncey
Andrew Dauncey
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