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NSX-T - Disk Space Requirements Not Met

Upgrading NSX-T in the lab, the Host Pre-Check came back with:

Disk space requirements not met. Please ensure 180MB free space is available in tmp partition to proceed with upgrade.

Horror Stories - The Oncer

Over the years you hear some great IT horror stories. Hopefully by sharing it, others can learn and have a good laugh. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

VCF 4 Multi AZ Networking

In a VCF 4 multi AZ deployment, before stretching the cluster to AZ2, there’s some manual tasks required for the T0 to peer with the ToR switches in AZ2. The process is well documented in the NSX-T Data Center Configuration for Availability Zone 2 for the Management Domain in Region A on the VVD6 documentation pages.

VCF 4 - Failed to Validate the BGP Route Distribution

During a VCF 4 Bring-up of a single Management Domain, the validation tests passed all OK. But during the deployment, it failed during the NSX-T tasks, specifically on the “Verify BGP Route Distribution” - “Failed to validate the BGP Route Distribution result for edge with ID ”.

NSX-T 2.5.2 Release

On the 30th July, 2020, NSX-T 2.5.2 was released. Check out the release notes.

This is a minor update with almost 80 issues marked as fixed.

My VCAP-NV Design Exam Experience

Last month VMware released updated versions of some exams, including the VCAP-NV Design exam based on NSX-T 3.0. In the past year or so I’ve been working a lot more with NSX-T, but.. I’m not a real* networking guy, so I wasn’t confident in taking NV exams.

After passing the VCP-NV on NSX-T 2.4 earlier in the year, I put off the VCAPs because they were based on NSX-T 2.4 or NSX-v 6.x, but with the updated exam out, I was running out of excuses.

You might have heard there’s a pandemic going on, so doing exams remotely is the only option here, and suited me.

Upgrade to ESXi 7.0 Boot Disk Size Error

Finally getting around to upgrading to ESXi 7.0, and I was stuck pretty quickly, with the error: BOOT_DISK_SIZE ERROR.

NSX-T Troubleshooting Tunnel Status

Switching between a mix of different product versions, I forget some of the specifics, and I’ve wasted too much time troubleshooting something that was working OK. Hopefully this saves you some time.

Photon OS in the Lab

Here’s a few tips from what I do when deploying Photon OS in the lab. Keep in mind this is only for troubleshooting and testing, so don’t make the same changes to anything outside of your lab.