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Let's Encrypt - DNS Validation for NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Replacing self-signed certificates on appliances is a lot easier these days. This is to remind myself how I did it for NSX Advanced Load Balancer using Let’s Encrypt with DNS validation.

NSX ALB Failed Serial Key Decryption Failed

Applying a license to VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) version 21.1.3+ you may get an error:

failed Serial key decrytion failed. Failed to process serial key. SYSERR_LICENSE_DECRYPTION_FAILED Vmw error: NONE_FOUND

NSX Advanced Load Balancer with vIDM Integration - Part 2

In the previous post, I showed how to integrate vIDM & NSX ALB. However any user that was assigned to the vIDM SaaS catalog item had super user permissions. Lets be honest, that’s just easier to work with right? But.. some orgs prefer more selective permissions.

Here I will show how to use vIDM and be able to assign roles to groups synced with vIDM.

NSX Advanced Load Balancer with vIDM Integration - Part 1

Integrating vIDM with NSX ALB (formally known as Avi) is documented officially here:

I was easily confused by it, due to some of the configuration being masked out. These are the same steps with my own notes & screenshots.

NSX-T 3.2 - Kubernetes Is Coming to Get Me

I’m sure we’ve all felt the wave that is Kubernetes over the past few years. I watched Getting started with Kubernetes from Nigel Poulton, which was enjoyable, but I still didn’t see the light, so to speak.

In 2019 when VMware first announced Tanzu, I knew it was going to be big, but I thought it would be another pillar with a range of products, like Cloud, EUC, Network and Security. I figured I’d ignore it to focus on going deeper with NSX-T.

Twitter Bot - VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix

Last year I wanted to learn Python, and I didn’t really know what serverless (ie: AWS Lambda) was, so I looked for a project where I could learn.

TL;DR Serverless is just somewhere to run your code from 🤣

Something that I find hard to keep track of, is when VMware products are coming up to their end of supports dates. Sometimes the dates change. I’m not going to check for updates each week, but I am on Twitter a lot. *Bam* I should make a Twitter bot that tweets when VMware products are approaching end of support dates.

Here’s how I did it.

NSX-T - Disk Space Requirements Not Met

Upgrading NSX-T in the lab, the Host Pre-Check came back with:

Disk space requirements not met. Please ensure 180MB free space is available in tmp partition to proceed with upgrade.

Horror Stories - The Oncer

Over the years you hear some great IT horror stories. Hopefully by sharing it, others can learn and have a good laugh. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

VCF 4 Multi AZ Networking

In a VCF 4 multi AZ deployment, before stretching the cluster to AZ2, there’s some manual tasks required for the T0 to peer with the ToR switches in AZ2. The process is well documented in the NSX-T Data Center Configuration for Availability Zone 2 for the Management Domain in Region A on the VVD6 documentation pages.

VCF 4 - Failed to Validate the BGP Route Distribution

During a VCF 4 Bring-up of a single Management Domain, the validation tests passed all OK. But during the deployment, it failed during the NSX-T tasks, specifically on the “Verify BGP Route Distribution” - “Failed to validate the BGP Route Distribution result for edge with ID ”.